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As anyone who is facebook friends with me or follows me on twitter knows, I am an independent libertarian. What does that mean? I value individual and social freedoms highest among important issues. I'm interested in all things libertarian, but I do realize that real-world compromises are something all political idealists have to come to terms with. I have voted in the past for republicans, democrats, libertarians, and independents; I am a tried-and-true independent voter. I vote for who I think would be the best person for the job regardless of affiliation. I have found my opinions about different candidates and elected officials change over the years; some improve, some decline, and some fluctuate. That being said, I find certain subjects and political characters interesting, some of which are discussed and listed here on this page.

Favorite Active Political Figures

Gary Johnson - Former Governor of New Mexico (Libertarian Presidential Candidate)
Ron Paul - US Congressman
Michelle Bachelet - President of Chile

Favorite Philosophers, Authors, etc.

Wendell Berry - Agrarian and Ecological Author, Essayist, and Professor
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Transcendentalist Author
Henry David Thoreau - Transcendentalist Author
Jack London - Adventure Writer and Socialist Political Activist
Bernard Cornwell - Author of Historical Fiction

Interesting Academic Commentators

Noam Chomsky - Professor, Author, Political and Economic Theorist

Interesting Historical Figures

Henry Clay - Early American Statesman
Thomas Jefferson - US Founding Father

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