I always thought a big part of homesteading was sustainability. Self-sufficiency, at its heart, relies on being sustainable and making wise choices when it comes to the earth and the creatures that walk, crawl, swim, and fly on it.

I have long been interested in solar and wind energy, waste management, and efficient building practices. I look forward to delving deeper into these subjects in the coming years.

Presently I've acquired a trailer and we are currently developing plans to build a tiny house. Will we live in it when it is finished? I'm not sure. My hope is yes, but we will just have to see what time will bring. The trailer we've procured needs some prep work, since it was my brother's camper that he sold to a homeless man for little to nothing so that he would have a place to live this past winter. The fellow who was living in the camper accidentally set it on fire with burning garbage outside of it. 90% of the camper managed to burn up before the fire department could extinguish the flames. Luckily the fire stopped just as it reached the floor level, before it got to the frame, axles, and wheels. The man in the camper still owed my brother half the balance on it, so Josh just accepted the remains as payment on the debt.

After some cleaning it up, we pulled it home yesterday and parked it near the old pig pen where we will have to finish stripping the old wood off of the metal frame. Then we'll have to repair any damage to the frame, which should be minimal. I then have to get the brakes working on it, and get a brake controller put on my truck. After all that comes the building of the tiny house.

Currently the plans are somewhere in the neighborhood of 8'x35' since that was the original camper size, but there will have to be some modifications. Photos to come.