About Us

Times have changed, and there are new things to learn about us... 

2016:  Jason is going to graduate school to become a high school English teacher. Lindsay is working in post-partum and the nursery developing her Mother/Baby nursing skills. Finn is about to go into the third grade.

Farm Stories - this is where you'll find links to our old posts, or you can go to the bottom of the page and search through our archive or use the search function.

Auburn Stories - this is where you can find some pictures of some of our trips to Auburn, and my family history regarding Auburn, etc.

Auburn University Class of 2000. Current graduate student at Western Governors University pursuing Masters of Arts in Teaching English (5-12). Loves basketball coaching, sports video games, reading, writing, learning, the outdoors, sustainability, pizza, and more! You can find Jason on twitter or linkedin @Crowson2000 .

Mother/Baby RN. Former Midwife's Apprentice. Former Emergency Room and Labor/Delivery RN.  Bibliophile. Loves coffee, reading, music, writing, bookstores, and more!

Kids lives change so frequently, as do their interests. Loves reading, drawing, and dreaming. Loves to slay dragons out behind the house. Likes playing basketball with his friends and hide-and-go-seek with his cousin. Currently learning to play chess and golf.