Monday, August 22, 2016

Wendell Berry, 'the sum of his beliefs.'

I saw this article about Wendell Berry that I wanted to share. It is written by David Skinner and has a very poignant opening:
For many of us, daily life is not an exercise in conviction. Our actions part ways from our ideals. In moments of weakness, we yield, like tall grass in a strong wind, to forces beyond our control. What others say, we accept. What happens to be on sale, we buy. What we actually think and believe is less a factor in how we live.
At seventy-seven years old, Wendell Berry continues as a great contrary example to the compromises others take in stride. Instead of being at odds with his conscience, he is at odds with his times. Cheerful in dissent, he writes to document and defend what is being lost to the forces of modernization, and to explain how he lives and what he thinks.
He is the sum of his beliefs.
I am currently working on a lesson plan centered around a Wendell Berry essay for high school ELA class. I have to describe why I think the particular literary work deserves to be added to the curriculum. I don't think they will accept:  Because it is Wendell Berry...
I want what I actually think and believe to be MORE a factor in how I live. I think that is something all of us should strive for. 
How ya like them Berries?

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