Monday, August 25, 2014

Crowsonshire Butter

Since we have been milking Leslie every morning we have a ton of fresh milk! I decided to try making butter in a Mason jar today. It was super simple and took only about five minutes. Jason had put some cream in a jar earlier and all I did was shake it vigorously for about five minutes.

I wasn't entirely sure it would work, but as I was shaking it I could feel it starting to change. One second it was thick whipped cream and the next I could hear the swish of the buttermilk as it separated. I rinsed the new butter under the faucet and added a pinch of salt. It was super simple and yet, it kind of made me feel like a magician! I can't wait to make some homemade bread to go with it.

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  1. Hey guys wow looks like ya'll are doing great.We got back online,we had a problem finding a company to go online with.The area is we are in hasn't had much activity with this stuff.I wrote some this morning and posting pictures.I'm trying to play catch up.Are you doing soap by the way? My loofas are growing and will be ready soon.


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