Sunday, July 06, 2014

Crafternoon project: Tie dye with bleach

This afternoon I decided to try tie-dyeing using bleach instead of colored dye. I was pleasantly surprised by the results! This is an easy, quick project that requires very little clean-up. It's a little different from regular tie dye because you don't have control over what colors you end up with. For example, my black skirt turned shades of yellow, brown, and peach. I did a navy shirt of Finn's that turned crimson with navy streaks. 

- Regular bleach
- Rubber bands
- Rubber gloves ( to avoid contact with bleach)
- 1 or 2 large bowls or buckets
- Measuring cup
1) Select the garment you are dyeing. Tie it with rubber bands to create your chosen pattern. (A quick search on Pinterest will give you plenty of suggestions.)
2) Put a mixture of 1 part bleach/2 parts water in your large bowl. Submerge garment in the liquid, adding extra bleach/water mix if necessary.
3) Soak garment for one hour.
4) Remove from bleach and rinse in cold water. Do not remove rubber bands.
5) Next, soak fabric in a second bowl containing half vinegar and half water. You can use the same bowl if you rinse it well. Soak for ten minutes.
6) Remove from liquid and rinse in plain water. Remove rubber bands and continue rinsing until water runs clear.
7) Unfold garment and allow it to dry. Then you're ready to wash and wear!

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