Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring Farm Pictures

Maude took a trip today to Goodman farms where she'll be staying for a few weeks visiting with her new boyfriend Mr. Angus and his other girlfriends.

Well I went to a sale today to try and sell some goats and ended up buying 7 rabbits much to my wife's chagrin. Finn is ecstatic though. 

Well I bought a new gilt to add to our breeding program about two months ago but she ran away; Jumped right out of the back of my horse trailer. This past week I got a call from a neighbor that he'd made a catch pen and caught her. So after much worry and frustration she is now getting acquainted with the rest of the bunch a month and a half late. 

One of our many new arrivals this spring is this little mini-mancha buck who showed up this week. His mom is giving lots of milk and I started milking her. Smelled fine but tasted awful; not sure why. 

Trying to get the aforementioned moms goat to let this baby be hers too since this baby's mom got sick and doesn't have enough fluids to nurse a baby (but is doing better).


  1. It seems your farm has increased exponentially since you last posted pictures. Where does a runaway pig for six weeks?

  2. Wow your farm is getting big! I have been taking it slow here,trying out my first year with the tiny garden to see how things will do. I'm over at now.Been posting pictures.

  3. Hey Jason,doing better down this way,slow going but going. Send some bees this way would ya lol?My blooms are falling off the peppers plants because of no pollin.You've done so good with your farm. I've really enjoyed reading all the happenings there.


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