Thursday, February 20, 2014

A New Bunch of Happenings

Lots has been going on this winter and as always I had hit a lull on blog updates. Also as always, with warmer weather comes the need to update with more posts.

Last fall our extended farm family invested in some more beehives, 4 new ones to be precise. My dad bought two and my brother bought two more bringing our total to 6. Sadly upon checking them the last time 3 out of the newest 4 hives are empty. Not sure if they were robbed, died, or just left. They were established by an older man from the area and we are pretty sure they were either ones he'd split or ones he'd captured. I guess that might be a problem if the queen keeps her wings. Our original two from Tanner Manor are still going strong. 

Maude is growing, living with goats, and approaching breeding age. We are trying to find a few more heifers or cows to put with her and a dexter bull calf to breed with her, but haven't had a lot of luck finding a reasonably priced dexter. 

Baby goats are popping out all over and we just had our first blue-eyed baby from our new buck goat Mace. He is taking over for Joey and I hope he can make just as handsome offspring as his predecessor. 

This year we had a handful of goat deaths for the first time in a couple years. Geraldine, our last remaining original goat, died from a brain abscess that presented as stroke-like symptoms one day and degenerated within less than a week to paralysis; she was pregnant too. 

I've been fencing in the front pasture to rotate the goats and cows onto. I'm almost done with it but I'd like to recommend a ratcheting fence stretcher as a tool you shouldn't do without on one of theses jobs. I'm cheap to the max, but after running two strands out of 12 I decided to spring for one. I mainly did it so that I could pull them by myself and it was worth every penny of the $31 Tractor Supply made off of me. 

Lindsay is over midway through Phase 2 of her midwife apprenticeship and is meeting all kinds of interesting people and learning lots. I'm so proud of her for working towards something that will make her life so much happier while helping people and living more holistically as well. 

Finn is over halfway through kindergarten at a small country school that is being shutdown after this year to ship the kids off to nearby bigger schools to save the county a little bit of money on maintaining facilities. Everyone is torn up about it. 

On a happy note, we just finished up with our first year of youth league basketball, where I coached Finn's team of boys and girls ages 5-7. We had a great group of kids and thanks to some teamwork and determination they managed to win the league championship after a grueling double elimination playoff in which we had our backs to the wall and battled out of an 0-1 deficit to win the final series 2-1. The proudest part of it for me was seeing Finn win the league's most improved player award. I think he has found his sport which is fine with me because I always loved playing basketball. 

Here are some pictures of some of the stuff we've missed chronicling: 

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