Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pig Herding Week

Well so far this week I've been herding pigs. The time has finally come for the little greedy suckling pigs to go to their new homes. So far 6 of the 8 have headed off to 3 different families to get fat and happy and turn into appreciated, home-grown meat for some lucky folks close by.

We are keeping one piglet, to either raise and breed, or to butcher. The jury is out on which pig gets the axe; whether it be the young one, or the black pig that has yet to get bred. Right now I am considering butchering all of them and just stocking up the larder good and heavy, but I haven't decided yet.

The little ones finally got trained to the electric fence and did pretty well with it until you get them in a corner and then they just decided running under it was easier than letting me get my hands on them. As it is our little gilt is running free in the yard because she is too crafty. The other piglet still here is our neighbors little boar pig that he wants to raise to replace the boar he has been using for a couple of years.

How did I do all this pig wrangling without being killed by the mother Hell-Pig? Well it involved a lasso, a sheet of plywood, and a horse trailer; not to mention some added muscle from a friend of mine pushing on her backside while I pulled her by the lasso into the trailer. It ain't easy to lead around a near rabid 350 pound mama sow with a lariat.


  1. She would probably gone in a bit more calmly if you took one or more pigs ahead of her. Maybe not.

    At any rate, I won't ever be raising pigs. Chicken wrangling is a little more than I can handle.

  2. Well as a general rule if you pick up a momma pigs baby while she is unrestrained she will come to try and take your head off. Lol. The rule is pretty much to subdue the sow first, then worry about catching the piglets. I am starting to wonder if pig wrangling is something I want to be doing in the future lol.


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