Sunday, July 14, 2013

Homemade Deodorant Review

Well I've been using the homemade deodorant for about a week now and the results are in. I love it! Not only does it smell great, it also works great. Others online have said it takes time to get used to it because it is different than store bought stuff but I disagree (but I almost always think homemade is better no matter what).

The main differences I see are that it seems to use more of the bar when you apply it than it does with store stuff and that when you shower and bathe it off it has a slight greasy feel as it washes off. Neither are a big deal to me.

How does it compare to the "real stuff" like speedstick and old spice and antiperspirants?

It steadily outperforms deodorant that I have used in the past. It is more like antiperspirant in texture but smells better. It doesn't stop you from sweating but it makes your sweat not stink. I read those claims by others too and really couldn't understand how that was possible, but that is exactly it. Go out and perspire in the hot sun for a while and get a whiff of ye olde armpit and all you're likely to smell is a pleasant aroma of essential oils.

Used to I'd wear the deodorants from the store to avoid the harmful aluminum exposure from antiperspirants but after a day of sweating I'd be smelling pretty rank. Not anymore. This stuff works and is fully customizable. I am very glad we ventured into this.


I may have to edit my formula slightly since it appears my underarms are sensitive to something (probably baking soda) but I'll be increasing the arrowroot powder and doing another post about how it differs and if it works for the more sensitive underarms. I still use it, and it still works, but it tends to make my arm pits break out a little the more I apply.

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  1. After trying it out today, I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised! It does seem to use more out of the stick quicker when applying, and at first had a slightly gritty feel, but that quickly went away. I wore it all day and after about 20 minutes had forgotten that I was using something besides my usual Old Spice gel stick. I know I sweated some today, and I'm pretty sure I don't stink. Still smells pleasant. Good stuff!


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