Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yes We Got A Cow

Yes we finally got a cow! She is a Jersey heifer with a slight hint of Brown Swiss in her blood. We bought her from an Amish family in Ethridge, TN where I usually buy my rough cut lumber. The two younger boys on the farm were in charge of taking care of her everyday, where they walked her from the paddock to various hitching spots during the day to graze on grass close to the road. She is gentle, loving and playful. Right now I am keeping her on a tether in the backyard as well. After we get our front pasture hayed we're going to try and get a fence up so she can have more free reign but as I have learned with animals you plan to milk, the sooner you get them trained to walk on a leash the better.

The family milk cow has been something I've been wanting to get for a few years now. We have the heifer, now we just have to wait about 6 months to breed her and then another 10 for milk, butter, and cream. The next big step is getting our barn built...


  1. She's beautiful. Congrats!!

  2. If I had a cow, "gentle, loving, and playful" would be a good thing.


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