Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Updates

 We are working on another project this summer that I was supposed to have done last summer but got sidetracked: finishing the back porch into a sun room. I finally have it enclosed all the way with windows purchased from the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Athens. They cost us less than $50 for all of them and we have 3 spares left over. The top windows are from an old school building and are diffused type glass and look real neat and old. The lower windows are storm windows from an old home or mobile home and are serviceable. We still have to finish painting the outside around the windows and put up trim as well as some touch up painting in the inside. I still have to paint the floor also. The big job left to do is probably cutting a hole out of the wall to go from the back bedroom straight into the sunroom. Admittedly this project has taken a lot of time away from my gardening this year, but my sweet potatoes are doing alright at least.

This little guy is hopefully the heir to King Joey's throne as our Nigerian Dwarf buck. He is blue-eyed and a whinny little dude. I can't keep him in any pen I've tried to place him in so for now he is on semi-permanent tether in the backyard. Finn named him Mace after a character in Star Wars (not Mace Windu, but a kid named Mace in the Ewok Adventure movie).

I realized after looking through some of our archives that I need to do a better job keeping up because with my memory, this blog is one of the better ways for me to remember what was going on in our lives years from now when I look back. So regardless whether or not I have many readers I need to blog for family history sake so one day my son can look back and read about the day a dog killed some of our goats or the day I planted strawberries that would be eaten by goats, etc.

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