Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beginner beekeeping: Harvesting Our First Honey

Nana's first blog. Featuring uncle josh.

Uncle Josh making his first approach for harvesting honey. The plan: remove 5 frames from the Super of each hive and replace them with fresh frames to harvest a total of ten.

Uncle Josh removing the first of the frames on our maiden voyage into honey harvesting.

Josh trying out the spinning action on the centrifuge/extractor that is on loan to us from our friends at the Tanner Manor.

This was Josh removing the entrance reducer so the bees will have an easier time going in and out as well as staying cooler.

This is the uncapping stage where you cut the closed ends off the comb on the frames with a hot uncapping knife (also on loan from the Tanners). Once you have one side uncapped and the centrifuge balanced out with frames you spin it for 5-6 minutes to sling honey out into the tubs and let it drain down to the valve at the bottom where we filter it through a shifter into a stainless steel pot and then Pour it into jars.

Josh had to fiddle with the extractor to make sure everything was in order and make sure it was good and clean before he got started slinging honey.


When all was said and done last night we ended up with a little over 3 gallons of honey from 10 frames. There was a little extra here and there that we weren't able to get but for the most part we were extremely happy about the amount we harvested. We are also very grateful to our friends at Tanner Manor for loaning us the equipment we used today.


  1. What is the big metal thing? Since I know nothing about what is happening, a few words would be appreciated. Otherwise, I will just start talking to myself and making up a bizarre story for the

  2. Sorry about that, I was just helping my mom post the pictures she had taken yesterday from her phone and I can't type on an android phone worth a dang so I was waiting til i could get to the computer to add descriptions and such. :)


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