Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Morphing into summer

It has been a bittersweet beginning of the week. Saturday evening we found our buck goat Joey deceased in the goat house when we went to feed. Not sure what the culprit was but he had stopped eating good for a couple of days and I was getting worried about him when he kealed over.

We buried him Sunday morning in the field close to the bee hives. We said a prayer of thanks for all the beautiful kids he had given us. A few hours later we sold our most recent baby (JK) and her mother (Jellybean) as well as one other doeling and a dozen eggs to a nice couple from Killen. It was a tough decision but we had to start downsizing the herd a little, 25 goats was getting a little much. We still have a handful for sale too. But with the absence of Joey we're gonna have to find a new buck and I've been trying to decide which direction we should go as far as the breed is concerned. I think I'm gonna go with a blue-eyed Nigerian dwarf buckling when I can find one.

Sunday afternoon my little boy "graduated" from preschool and gets a summer to prepare to start big boy school.

I heard a quote on a show we watch sometimes that really proves true: "Herds and families don't change, they morph." They truly do.


  1. Sorry about your goat. When a chicken dies it makes me sad! We talked about a trade. Are you still interested in the window set that I have? Your father? A lady just below our town has goats. Linda

    Do I have an email address for you? I cannot find it. My email address is under the title of my blog.

  2. Yeah sorry to hear about your goat jason.Thats a rough thing to find.But we all know farms are made up of births and deaths.Hows the rest of the animals doing?

  3. aw, I'm sorry to hear about Joey.

    Congrats to Finn for finishing his first year of school!!!


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