Friday, March 29, 2013

Self sufficient haircut

Fingers crossed that I don't end up homeless when Lindsay gets home from work. I think I did alright. And no, I didn't think about the fact that Sunday is Easter (which means pictures) before I started.


  1. It looks great. I cut my son's and husband's hair for years. She will not be upset, promise. It was free.

    The most important thing to learn about cutting hair is never, ever try to even up gaps or correct anything. THAT is how you give a horrid haircut. I started cutting my husband's hair because the barber gave him such an awful haircut.

    1. I also cut the two daughters' hair, also.

  2. I think that it looks great too! I see no problem, and the more you do it the better you will get. I "self taught" on my family over ten years ago - back then it scared me and took forever, but now I chop away like a pro. And part of why I learned, other than to save money, was just a PP said - I was tired of my husband coming home from Super Cuts (or whatever) with BAD haircuts - I swear those places only hire the!! Finn looks happy with it, and I like the pic with your hand on the back of his neck and his tongue sticking out like you are chocking him!! Something one (or all!) of my boys would do.

  3. He looks great! I learnt how to cut hair loooong time ago along with beards(another long story)sure beats the heck out of going to the barber shop.You done a great job.

  4. Yeah it turned out pretty good for a first time. I was happy with it, and think i can improve next time a little. The worst spot is one of the first cuts i made and i got better as i kept going. Even the mother in law was alright with the cut and she is picky about his hair, lol.


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