Friday, March 15, 2013

Goats and the Spring Projects

So we've had a good season with kidding this year. Lots of babies, lots of girls, and even a few sales. It makes me think about where we would be right now if we hadn't had the early goat casualties a few years ago. We'd probably be overflowing with goats, but not know how lucky we were. I have a much greater appreciation for the calm nights and relaxing mornings checking on the girls and getting the morning milk now. It looks like I have another breeding pair of goats sold, and the potential to sell the other remaining buckling. We've been using the old guinea pen for a buck pen and it is working fine. I have Joey in there with the Tanner goat to keep him company since for some reason she freaks out if she isn't with the boys. We added the young buckling (named Beaver by Finn) to the pen this week cause he was getting frisky with his sisters and we couldn't have that.

Getting ready to start working on spring projects including but not limited to:
1. plans for a barn,
2. remodeling the screened in porch into a sunroom,
3. finishing up on the remodeling of my brother's camper,
4. building another pig shed and possible digging a little hog wallow for them to seal off,
5. possibly a goose pond,
6. fixing up the driveway once it is hot and dry this summer,
7. trying to find a young milk cow for an affordable price,
8. fencing in the front pasture for said milk cow,
9. cleaning out garden shed and fixing the floor from the mucked up mess

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