Sunday, March 03, 2013

Around the House In Suspenders

For our friend at Mystic Mud I took some pics of the way we recently protected our new fruit trees. The ones we planted a few years ago were destroyed by free ranging goats, but the new ones have a fence around each one.

Lindsay is showing off her Amish cookbooks in the other pics. She is trying to get the blogger app to work on her phone so she can do some more posts so maybe that will be soon.

Finn wanted to show off his new suspenders he got at the store while he was doing his school work as he calls it.


  1. Hey - thanks for the pics. That gives me a example of what to do to protect mine. I really love letting the goats free range, but not at the expense of fruit trees!

    I can't wait to see more of Lindsay's Amish recipes, and tell Finn his suspenders are really awesome!! :)

  2. Finn is looking quite the little farmers!I've glanced thru some Amish cooking stuff and wow they sure sound good.


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