Friday, March 01, 2013

A Trip To Flatrock

We had to run up to Tennessee today after kindergarten registration anyway so we decided to go by one of our new favorite places: Flatrock Cheese 'n More. It seems to be owned and operated by a Mennonite family and contains all kinds of awesome baking supplies. We went a little overboard today with our haul. Details below.

We got all kinds of stuff: ground flax, whole flax, wild mushrooms, wasabi covered soy nuts (also be careful if you try to text 'wasabi' to someone because apparently the auto-correct option likes to change it to 'Wasabitch'), cardamon, poppy seeds, wheat gluten, Italian seasoning, horseradish, walnuts, sunflower meats, summer sausage, gooseberry jam, and the list goes on. Finn got the pair of suspenders he'd been wanting. We also had deli sandwiches made there which were pretty good.

I told my father in law Gerry that Jalapeno Jelly wasn't something I made up, and that other people ate it too. He didn't believe me, but now I have proof.

We got our feed stocked up today before the light snow set in, and have been nestled away this evening.We've got everything a good hobbit needs to stay warm and full on a chilly winter evening. Baked french toast coming in the morning from the missus. Gonna be a good weekend. :)


  1. Wasabitch - lol

    Jalepeno jelly is great! I need to make more next time we have peppers.

  2. We are lucky to have two super Mennonite stores here. Perfect for homesteading types. Bulk everything at the best prices around. And one has a resturant with everything homemade...great noodles. Sometimes we treat ourselves.There are lg. communities of Amish and Mennonites here in so.central MO. In season the Amish have produce auctions which are great fun. Plus I can od on buggies and horses! Enjoying your blog which is new to me

  3. Ron- I made a bunch the first year we canned and still have some left. It is good stuff. I like to put it in and on cornbread.

    Diana- Thanks for the comment! We have a big old order Amish community within 35 miles of here that we visit sometimes. I've had good and bad experiences with them. They also have weekly produce auctions and they do it all year round with greenhouses if I am not mistaken. They do a big auction once a year that we go to that is pretty cool, but also where i ran into some moody, cranky, indignant Amish dudes who reamed me out for taking a picture of a horse hitched to a lightpole. It wasn't even his horse either... Anyways, I like Amish stuff and simple living so I try to patronize them whenever possible for the most part. Thanks again for the comments.

  4. Great haul! The auto correct part was pretty funny:)

    We have Mennonite's around us now and I find them to be far friendlier and easy going than the Amish. We used to go for a drive around Lawrenceburg in the Amish area and I never understood why they had all the roadside stands to sell to people but when you stopped they wouldn't even look at you or say "HI" back to you? I understand how they try to avoid the outside world, but it seemed a little odd (hypocritical) to be willing to sell to it and take its money if they were so against it that they couldn't show common courtesy. Maybe that sounds harsh, but that's how I felt about it.


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