Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amish 30 Minute Hamburger Buns

I caught Lindsay working on some of the new recipes she's been trying from her Amish Heritage Cookbook. We got a huge chunk of yeast from a Mennonite store nearby in Flatrock on the way to Pulaski. Seriously it is enough yeast to make like 300 loaves of bread and it cost $3. We also bought a huge sack of coarse ground flour and have been having some great homemade bread, rolls, and buns lately. I'll get her to share the Dilly Roll Recipe she made yesterday as well as the 30 minute Hamburger Buns recipe when she is off this weekend. We'll put a link to the cookbook up too, it is a great resource!


  1. I'm going to hold you to the hamburger bun recipe!!! I've tried a few but haven't been happy with any of them, so let us know how they turn out and pass along the recipe if they're good :)

    1. and btw, your wife is beautiful - I love her smile and she always looks all glowy and happy :)

  2. Thank you! The buns turned out huge, but you could probably have halved the size of each doughball and they would have been plenty big. We used a mixture of course ground flour and white flour and they turned out a little more bready than bunny, but made some massive buns.

  3. that cookbook would be real good for you too, she said the recipes in there make a whole lot; enough to feed a gaggle of younguns!


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