Sunday, January 27, 2013

No goats no glory

One thing that isn't so fun about having animals dependent on you is that when they get injured you feel wholly responsible. We currently have a surplus of boy goats and baby goats, and the two don't mix. We usually take any expectant mothers out of the main goat pen a few days before they should be kidding. With the price of everything going up we have out grown our fencing capabilities at the moment and as such let our new moms wander around the farm during the day and put them up at night. Lately they have grown much more adventurous and have been wandering way out in our fields that aren't fenced in and over into the neighboring field. When we catch them over there we usually get some feed and lure them back home. Yesterday they went way off into our neighbors' field and we brought them back twice. I happened to not be home so it was my brother who got them and he lost his patience with their wandering so he stuck the moms whose babies are about two months old back in the main goat pen with the boys and put their kids in there with them. I had considered doing this for the same reason but was putting it off because I was afraid the boys would try to molest them while they were too young.

When I got back I heard the familiar baying from a buck goat chasing a girl and started getting worried. Last night when I went out to feed Ernie her bottle all the boys were going nuts chasing and fighting so I took her out and put her up in the shed since she is the favorite and figured I would have to figure something out for the rest if the girls today. Well this morning I am greeted with a limping young goat and go out to check on it figuring it might be a sprain or something; nope. Full on broken leg. This is the first time I've had an animal actually break a bone so we have splinted it and done some rearranging of living conditions for the goats in peril.

And yes we all feel guilty about this happening and have already had some arguments and heated words back and forth between different members of the family involving everything from placement of the splint to whether we should take her to the vet to whose fault it is to why I can't keep my mouth from wording thoughts so poorly that I blatantly insult my wife without even meaning to or realizing it until she looks like she wants to murder me.

So yeah that is one of the many joys of owning animals and being an unsuccessful steward about half the time. Hope everyone else's day is going better than ours.


  1. I would call all this as chalking it up to experience.Hind sight is twenty twenty ya know.Have you thought of maybe advertising on one of the free sites for fencing?Or see if someone near you is giving any away?

  2. I'm sorry about you goats leg - I can only imagine how you feel. One of our goats lost an eye to a dog and I felt just terrible. It happened when the chicken/compost bucket was being dumped and the dog got over protective (was acting like a pig) over the food, so I feel like it's my fault because I should have known better. And I feel your pain on the fencing - I just finally bought some today for our goats. That stuff isn't cheap and it seems like a person could just use miles and miles of it!! I hope your goat is healing up nicely!

  3. Yep she is walking almost normally now, if you didnt know it happened you probably wouldnt even notice. sometimes it takes things like this happening to snap you in to the right frame of mind to make things happen you have known all along you should do; like take your bucks to the sale barn... Life is so much better here now and the money from the sale was well-timed in deed. :)

  4. I had the same problem with our LGD and the food bowl. She would attack any goat that came near her food while eating. She didn't guard well either. We eventually had to get rid of her. The other LGD that we got and liked wasn't much of a guard dog as she just liked to be around all animals... We paid to get her fixed and then when we let her off the chain she ran away and never saw her again... I'm done with dogs other than our pugs. If i get a guard animal in the future it will most assuredly be a donkey, but my geese do an alright job now.


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