Friday, January 18, 2013

Mucky Mess

Been a mucky winter so far. Our driveway is in horrible shape. We decided to call in a friend of mine to help us with it but halfway through we realized there was so much water in the ground that even our temporary fix was doomed. Now we have to wait for it to dry out some more before we pour money and time into it. Check out some shots of how it is looking today.


  1. Have you thought about getting a load of gravel?Thats alot of water.How did ya'll fair during the snow storm?It is getting closer for us coming home March 1st!Yah!

  2. Yeah we didnt get any snow, just a lot of rain. and we're gettign gravel but have to do some work on it first and scrape the muck off.

  3. and I thought ours was bad - now I just feel like a big wimp compared to yours!!!


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