Sunday, January 20, 2013

Goat babies '12-13

Here are some pictures of our most recent additions around here. We have been blessed this go round with 8/10 females. And still have the possibility of having more kids soon. We have two does that should be kidding some time between now and April.

We will me in goat milk pretty heavy this time around as there are 2-3 moms that are milking worthy freshened so far. Our goats are a mix of Nigerian dwarf, lamancha, Kiko, Nubian, and a smidge of boer mixed in to a couple of the gang. This is our first go round with our lamancha doe kidding since the other lamancha goats we had met with grievous ends. This kidding started out stressful as well due to a worry of mine that I have since relieved which I will discuss in a future post.

Our current bottle baby (because there usually is one a mom will reject) is Ernestine, who we call Ernie. She is sweet as can be and is sure to be a nuisance when she weighs 80 pounds and wants to sit in our laps after traipsing through muck. She is half lamancha and half ND, which would make her what most call a mini-mancha.


  1. So sweet and so little.Momma seems proud.Is this your first time with goats?

  2. awwww - so cute. I just love little goat babies!!


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