Friday, November 09, 2012

Vacation Pictures

The Jedi Training Show was pretty neat, Finn and I really liked it.

The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular was probably my favorite thing. Cool.

Some Nile Crocodiles at Animal Kingdom on the Safari ride.


White Rino so close you could slap it on the rump.

In Epcot Norway Finn trying out the local culture and working on his Viking face.

He likes Stitch, but this is as close as he'd get for some reason.

He had to get the dragon face-paint, and I gotta admit it was pretty cool.
I was more excited about him getting this picture than he was, lol.
I don't remember the monkey's name, but Baloo was cool too.
Posing in front of the castle at MK.
Finn was 1st place winner in the costume contest at our resort!
This picture is at Epcot. Right before I snapped this picture, Finn stuck his face in the fountain water and took a huge drink gulping it up. He then turned around and said, "Mom, I just took a drink from the Disney water, you think I'll be okay?" She said, "What?! Why did you do that, you know better?" He said, "Oh no, I'm probably going to die now, oh man...." And then he sulked for a while, lol. Kids are something else; he didn't die yet by the way.

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  1. So cool I am so glad he got to go and he had fun.Hope you got to ride the rides too:)


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