Thursday, November 08, 2012

Birthdays, Healthy Pigs, Cannibal Chickens, and Disney Vacations

Some things of interest around here:

My 5 Year Old Son.

On the ride home from the hospital almost 5 years ago.
My son turned 5 years old today. It is hard to believe that the little wad of cute we brought home from the hospital is his own thinking, talking, running, jumping, laughing, playing little person, but he definitely is, as he lets me know this every time I bring up the fact he used to be my little baby. He has his own friends (down the street and at preschool), and his own preferences about things he likes and dislikes which are completely his own. I can only imagine what the next 5 years are going to entail. Like the old corny Bryan Adams song says, "Everything I do, I do it for you," that is the way I feel about my boy.

Ted The Pig Is Mended.

The pig whose health I had been lamenting started shaping up last week and is now probably somewhere around 85% mobility. After I got really worried that she was going to enroll herself onto our growing memorial of dead farm animals, I decided to call up some people who knew a lot about pigs and ask some questions. Before I did I thoroughly inspected her foot, leg, toes, shoulder, and everything that could be related to her condition (which required an actual hog-tying). I searched through my reference books on farm animal ailments and found the only thing that could even be close in symptoms (other than a physical injury) was some form of mycotoxin poisoning similar to ergotism. Then I first called the co-op and they were no help at all. The I decided to call up the pig farmer I got the piggies from in the first place and ask them about her condition and what I should or could do to make it better. For any who didn't catch the post containing her ailment, she basically just quit walking and developed a gimpy leg that she wouldn't put any weight at all on. She'd lay around and grunt and squeal instead of getting up to eat and stuff, and when she would get up to come eat she'd half-heartedly do it and try to stay away from the other pigs instead of fighting for the trough. The pig farmers son, who has grown up with pigs since he was knee high, told me not to even worry about it, that as long as she was eating a little she'd eventually get back up and be fine. He said they tend to hurt their front legs fighting, running, frolicking, or just bumping into stuff, and that when they do it takes them a long, long time to get over it. He said they'd lose weight, but so long as she'd eat some everyday that she'd be fine. He was exactly right. She lost some weight and is much leaner than the other two pigs, but now she's right back in the mix edging for her share of the slop and bedding down with the others at night, etc. Some times working knowledge trumps everything you can find in a Storey's reference book; he was polite but pretty much laughed when I asked if he thought it could be mycotoxin poisoning, saying he'd never seen it ever in his life that he knew of. Yay Ted!

Our Cannibal Chickens.

We have had a problem lately with some of the chickens eating each other. I'm not fully sure if they killed and then ate, or just ate after death, but either way it is disturbing. Not sure if it is an overcrowding issue, a diet deficiency issue, or just something else entirely, as this is something new to me that I haven't fully looked into yet. More on it in the near future, including a graphic picture of an almost fully devoured chicken carcass.

The Trip to Disney.

We took a family vacation to Disney in Orlando. This was largely in part to my father-in-law having a work conference there and being able to do some doubling up and what not, but this is something we would have not ever been able to do without Gammy & Papa. The amount of money that place must rake in is unseemly. It was my first (and most likely last) visit to Disney. We did Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, & Hollywood Studios. I was told how much I'd love Epcot, but honestly it was probably the least enjoyable. Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom was kind of neat and I took some pictures in the restaurant there at the old-timey hearth. I was privy to listening to the whole introductory ride in the Epcot ball in Dutch thanks to my button-pushing-happy little aforementioned 5 year old boy; it was a neat information ride that I have no idea what they were telling me about other than the obvious dioramas we were wheeled by. Pictures of the trip will be in a separate post on Saturday or thereafter once my internet usage has reset for the month.

Family Picture while riding the river steamboat at Magic Kingdom.


  1. D said you should try feeding the chickens whole oats to curb the cannibalism/pecking.

  2. Oats like we get from Pat? or like oatmeal type oats? I feed them the oats/wheat/corn/sb meal mix everyday; thinking they may need more protein or something, but for sure open to more suggestions. :)


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