Friday, August 31, 2012

Black Powder Repairs and Dixie Gun Works

So I finally broke down after 2 years of needing them and ordered two little pieces of metal from Dixie Gun Works that will repair my two black powder revolvers (Mainspring for the 1851 Colt and a Cylinder Pin for the 1858 Remington). The parts cost $3.50 and $7 respectively, and the shipping was $6. I have been meaning to order the parts forever and have went to the webpage and added them to my cart and then never bought them numerous times.
This is the Colt Mainspring I "ordered."

So I get the package today and it is about the size of a book which surprised me since one piece is about the size of a bic pen and the other is about the size of two big paper clips stuck together end to end. This package was stuffed with 2 newspapers and multiple sales inserts of musket kits that cost $1000 or more. It slightly irritated me that the shipping cost I paid went mostly to pay for them to advertise to me, but what the hell, I finally got the two parts I needed.
This is the part I got in the mail today.

I opened them up and I'll be damned if one of them is not the wrong part. So I checked the order form and my email confirmation and everything and apparently I clicked to order the trigger stop spring instead of the mainspring which i needed. I logged back into my account and I have the mainspring saved in a shopping cart... This irritated me but wouldn't really bother me if I could just click and order the other part again and pay maybe a dollar shipping for the paperclip sized part, but having to pay that full $6 again (which is the cheapest shipping option they have with the other two being $25 and $35 per order). I realize I'm fussing over $5-10 dollars, but it just irritates me that something that would cost them about a dollar and take them all of 5 minutes to do is costing me 6 times the amount and largely so they can send me another set of sale papers.

And if you're wondering why I don't just order it from some other company, well there aren't really any other companies that sell these that I know of. I found a couple that have parts for sale but never really heard of them and the sites don't seem that reputable, not to mention that they are charging 4 times as much for the same part. Don't get me wrong DGW seems to be a decent company to deal with and seem pretty professional. It just gets in my craw that they are charging so much for basic shipping of tiny parts from Tennessee to Alabama.

And if I'm being honest it really irritates me that I apparently ordered the wrong part when I knew exactly what I needed. I do have to blame part of that on their search function not working very well though. Bah, enough complaining for today, I guess I'll see if I can get my old cylinder pin unstuck so I can put the new one in.


  1. It's a part of modern country life I guess: BS and internet orders. They have us all in a bind.

  2. We have ordered from DGW before.We usually get a catalog(you pay for it).But also for the fact alot of the shipping charges are going up.It's frustrating.


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