Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventures in Incubating: Quail/Chicken Eggs

My quail eggs (Georgia Giant Bobwhite) and barred rock chicken eggs started hatching on Friday. I took out the first hatchers on Saturday after I cleaned out the old chick brooder and moved the birds that were too big for it out to a pen next to my other chickens. The chicks that hatched out are doing well, but I only had about 12 hatch from around 30 eggs. 2-4 died during hatching, and the others seem to have died either before pipping or sometime sooner. Out of the 80 quail eggs I incubated about 50 hatched and about 3 of those have died. Not sure what the 3 died from, but I am pretty sure of what the problem with the rest of the eggs and the chicken eggs was.

After I removed the first hatch of chicks and the other eggs were chirping and a few pipping, etc., it was around 10pm and I turned the incubator up a little since I had it open getting the chicks out, then I went to bed for the night. The next morning is when everything was dead in the incubator and the thermometer read 94 degrees. For those that don't know, you incubate at around 99 to 100 degrees and when they are in hatching mode you turn it up to 100 or a smidge higher. It is amazing to me that the 6 degree difference in the temperature would mean life or death for all the chicks but it did I suppose.

The best I can figure is that the heat from the chicks and live eggs themselves were putting off that 6 degrees and when I took the fresh hatched chicks out the heat they had been putting off was gone causing the temperature to drop. I will know to turn it way up next time and monitor it for a little while before leaving it alone.

The quail are doing good so far in the small brooder I made them. I haven't seen them eating anything yet, but surely they must be or they'd be dead by now. They must just not eat a whole lot yet. They are super little and super fast at running around in the brooder; I hope they become super good egg layers and super tasty as well.

The chicks are doing well too, eating and drinking and chirping. I had plan to sell a few of the barred rock chicks but since I only got 9 (3 of the ones that hatched were the 3 Black Australorp eggs I had in there) I will probably keep most of them and raise eggs off them to try and sell the barred rocks from.

It is a good thing I've been keeping all my chickens locked up though, because there have been more fox sightings, at least 2 separate ones. I've been on the lookout, but have yet to see one this time. They better stay clear though...


  1. Note you have coyotes there(they ate my sister-in-laws cats)there is a panther up in that part of Alabama(been seen around Franklin county)So yea you got to keep those critters away.Try powdered cayenne pepper sprinkled around your pens might help to keep some of the predators away.

  2. I remember wild quails when we would go to the country and I loved them.You aren't too far from where my brother lives by the way.Glad you and yours are doing fine!

  3. Are going to sell some of those quails or chickens?After we get setup on our place I'll be looking for some.Yes we found a place!

  4. Out of my 50 quail only 5 still live. I will do a post on it soon and let you know what happened and what the plans are going forward with quail. :(

  5. Sorry to hear that guy.Well the weather is cooling down some so maybe your luck will change uh? I think alot of people are having problems with their animals because of all the heat we 've had.


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