Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crowsonshire and Homesteading in the South

We decided to change the name of the website here to something that would more suit our target audience rather than my personal preference. I hope that by changing the name we'll be able to increase readership and interaction with more people interested in the topics we talk about here.

The truth is when most people think about Homesteading they probably have visions of mountains, remote wilderness homes, or prairies out west, not the rural South. When we set out to live this life it was my initial intention to move out west to Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming, or north to Ontario or British Columbia. The land was cheap and the wilderness plentiful, but we happened to have land here in Alabama, as well as family. I got to thinking about it and after much consideration decided that it isn't really the remoteness or dereliction of your homestead's placement so much as your mindset and lifestyle choices. We decided to build a life here in Alabama where our family is, where we grew up, and where we already had a patch of land handy.

Homesteading is all about making due with what you have and making something out of nothing; we're trying to do that here in the South rather than in the remote wilderness. I hope you all appreciate reading about our endeavors, and I hope that we bring in even more people interested in our journey and lifestyle.

-The Crowsons

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