Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buttermilk and Black-head

These are the two does that I am seeking to get rid of by trading or selling. Buttermilk kidded with one buckling for the first time two weeks ago. She is the product of a full Nigerian Dwarf dam mixed with a Cross sire (1/2 Nigerian Dwarf, 1/4 kiko, 1/4 boer). Her buckling kid should be the same ratios that she is.

The second goat I am offering is Black-head (or we sometimes call her One-Wattle because she only has one wattle). She is 1/2 Nigerian Dwarf and 1/2 Boer (a strange mix I know). Her two buckling kids were born in March and are from the same sire as Buttermilk's kids; he is 1/2 ND, 1/4 kiko, 1/4 boer. I am willing to sell both of these kids or trade them, but might keep one back for meat.

Both of these does come from the same dam (mother) who happens to be Bopeep the goat I milk here at the farm. Buttermilk has bagged up pretty good, but isn't a fan of having you play with her udder. Black-head is the opposite, she isn't really picky about being handled but she didn't freshen with a lot of milk and took a while to ramp up production for the two buckling kids. Black-Head is from the kidding before Buttermilk but this is her first kidding season as well.

Buttermilk with her newborn buckling.
Buttermilk is just a little over a year old or right about at it.

Black-head with her two bucklings.

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