Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Building a Hog Pen: The Future Upgrade

I had the chance to read through a Rural Heritage magazine at B&N the other day and found an interesting article called "The Root-O-Tiller." It is basically a structure about 5 times the size of the pig pen I built, but put together a bit heavier duty. Where the pig stall I built is 4'x8' this one is 8'x16' and built out of 4x4s and Hog Panels. This will be my pig pen upgrade.

Mobile Hog Pen the "Root-o-Tiller" by Ralph Rice of Ohio. Dimensions 8'x16'
The idea of this hog pen is to move it everyday or so in order to get your pigs to till up your field and provide them with fresh forage etc. I imagine it takes a truck, tractor, or a couple of Percherons to move this baby, especially considering how much trouble I have moving my small 4x8 pen just a few feet with man power. 

Rural Heritage is a magazine that mainly focuses on farming and such using draft animals (oxen, mules, horses, etc). This story and hog pen were created by Ralph Rice of Ohio. I happened to find another story about he and his farm in Farm & Dairy and it seems he is more than just a pig farmer. He has a pretty good setup up there including sheep, Dexter cattle, Percherons, maple trees, and of course his pigs.

“Our goal is to be as diverse as we can and be self-sustaining,” Rice said. “Sustainable agriculture is the only way a small farm can survive.”

Amen Sir.

Rural Heritage Magazine

Farm and Dairy - The Auction Guide and Rural Marketplace


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM CDT

    how much will this cost to make or buy? Thankyou

  2. it would be pretty pricey, a few hundred dollars at least. all the lumber, assuming it is treated, and the cattle panels and everything. yeah, it wouldn't be cheap. i decided against this for now, and have since made an ever-expanding hog pen with electric wire. it keeps them in pretty well.


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