Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pig Pen In Place

Out in the woods' edge.
It isn't as wonky looking in real life.

Pretty much the same size and dimensions as the plans I posted earlier. Except mine is made out of 2 lawn mower crates, a heavy equiptment crate, two free old doors from the door shop, and half a sheet of plywood that was bought for building forms for our back steps foundation. Not too bad on the wallet; not too good on the eyes though.

The pigs' view of the house.
Introducing Bacon (whom I will call Bill) and Ted. Billy Bacon is the white/pink pig and is a full Yorkshire. Ted Theodore Logan is the black pig, is a female (gilt), and is 3/4 Berkshire, 1/4 Poland China (or the other way around, I can't remember and I don't have my notebook with me to check my notes).


Bill and Ted were fine when I tucked them in; I just hope they're still there in the morning so I don't have to go hog hunting through the poison ivy fields of our woodlot.

If you are ever needing to find an idea on dimensions or layout of something to build for animals check out the NDSU Animal Housing Page I linked in the earlier post. It is awesome if you do some looking around. I used the basic dimensions to make my goat stand too.

P.s. If the front gate of the pen looks like it was made to a higher quality that the rest it is because it was made by my Union Carpenter Brother while I went to pick up the rascals. I just said "Make me a gate for this thing." And of course he made this behemoth out of all my best remaining 2x12 stock wood... Lol.


  1. That's pretty cool! Didn't know you were getting pigs. I really like the heavy-duty Josh gate, too. lol I'm wondering, though, about your placement at the edge of the woods. Seems like a movie scenerio where you're trying to lure a werewolf or tyranasaurus rex out of the woods. Watch out for chupacabras. ;)

  2. Jaime Awesome Tanner5:40 AM CDT

    Just for fun, please post a picture in about 3 months of what your cute little pig pen looks like. I might guess it will be a muddy, poopy mess with damage to the frame from a couple of what used-to-be cute but are now mean and nasty pigs. Just for fun...

  3. Will do it, and I'm sure you're right, it will be covered in shit and grime and coming apart at the seams. :) We're going to move them down to the pond out in the front of Josh's pasture when they are a little bit bigger and fence around it to see if they will wallow out the pond and make it actually hold water. That is the tip i get from all the old-timers about how to make a pond hold water...

  4. And Jeremy, yeah it does kind of look like that (a scene from Jurassic park or something) lol. It was more of a smell issue, Lindsay said if we got them, she didn't want to smell them... so that is why, and they have to have shade, so had to put them next to the trees, and those are the only trees we have that aren't in the goatpen or in the front yard...

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM CDT

    Good luck with this. Now I know a pig guy been looking for one maybe you can raise me one next year for pork Leigh


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