Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bo' Milk

Bopeep before kidding this spring.
I have been doing something I never thought I would be able to do these past few weeks: milk our goat Bopeep. She is the meanest goat we have ever had here, extremely stubborn and flighty as well. Her first daughter doe, Jitterbug, is by far our wildest goat and I think I'm going to have to separate her from her twin doelings just to have the hope that they won't turn out as wild as their mother. The first times I tried to milk her a few years ago she would just lay down on the milking stand no matter what I tried. We even tried milking her while Josh held her up by her hips but she managed to make that not work some how too. This time she was so engorged with milk by the time she kidded that she was happy to have me relieve the pressure before her baby (who Finn has named Little Sprinkles) started nursing. She has gotten more defiant since he has been nursing, but she still does a million times better than she did a couple years ago.

Baby Jitterbug or Baby Bopeep? They looked identical as Babies.
I have milked some of our goats before, but never to the level that we are doing now. Milking Bo twice a day, and leaving her with her baby buckling also. She is a full blooded Nigerian Dwarf Doe and has been making a decent amount of milk. I'm averaging close to a quart a day and that is while letting her baby nurse freely. The first couple of days I milked her were prolific; I got about 1.75 quarts per milking! Right now I have over 4 liters of fresh raw goat milk in the fridge. When people ask me how it tastes I have to say that it really does taste about like slightly creamier 2% milk from the store (to me anyway). It is about time to make some cheese again and see how it goes this time around. Last time we just made the vinegar cheese and it was alright, but I'm looking for a more finished product this time.

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