Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Animal Trading and Whatnot

Sold some goats last week. 1 Doe (Georgia), 2 Bucklings, and one Buck (Butternuts). There were chickens involved as well as pigs. 2 roosters going, 2 pigs coming.

Garden plot is plowed. Seedlings are itching to move from the garage to the ground.

Baby geese are doing well and for sale.

18 chicks are almost ready to move from my transitional brooding tractor to the real chicken pen (which Lindsay painted a while back into bright Key West-ish colors which we are calling 'Key-Nest').

Bought an incubator and am a week and a half into incubating guineas and chickens.

Shed extension is done but for a few pieces of tin I have to pick up and install.

Latest kidding was two doelings that are at least 3/4 Nigerian if not full. Good luck so far with them, and they are cute as can be.

Stuff happening... Chilly Spring. Been married 6 years now on the 22nd; good stuff.

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