Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Voting Flex

Interesting and semi-productive day.

Billy likes to yell "Flex!"
Tried out an old Billy Blanks Tae-Bo workout Dvd Lindsay had this morning. That was a sight to see let me tell ya. I have the hardest time coordinating my movements with someone on TV, not to mention my incredible lack of flexibility.

Went with Lindsay to update my voter registration and get her registered to vote for the first time. Before you rag on her for not being registered to vote by age 30, the guy at the registration office said that he has people come in to register to vote that are in their sixties all the time... Got a deal on some refinancing and should be able to drop our mortgage payment, term length and interest rate with no closing costs or fees. Excited about this.

Pretty much finished the bread box I am building for the kitchen counter out of some old bookshelf pieces that came from a remodel. I will be happy to have a secure place to store the bread away from our cat who thinks buns and bread loaves are for her amusement.

Started reading The Swiss Family Robinson. It is pretty neat so far, but the dad in it is a real pious hard ass (I hope he loosens up a little). I never read the book before but always loved the movie when I was a kid. I started reading some of it to Finn tonight at bedtime and telling him about the movie; he is super excited to watch it and I just hope the old school film version lives up to the excitement level of his 21st century standards.

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