Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Mobile Chicken Pen Still In R and D

Actually got some work in on the new chicken pen today between showers. It is a mobile, low-slung, 12x12 pen to accompany the existing chicken tractor we made a couple of years ago (which still needs painting). I plan on getting my remaining hens and guineas in there so that I can get them laying in the nest boxes again and actually find those eggs that I am feeding them to create. Pictures to come soon.

Baby goat is still doing good, as is the momma. The other day I had let them out of the shed to wander the yard and graze while I went to the store and when I got back Dora (momma goat) was panicking because she couldn't find baby goat. I started looking and couldn't find it either. I looked and looked in, around, under, and behind everything I could think of but still couldn't find him. Lindsay came out and even helped me look for him. I started thinking maybe a giant hawk swooped in and got him or something. Finally Lindsay said she spotted what she thought was him up under the bush-hog but he wasn't moving. She wasn't about to get down and look closer to see if he was alive or dead, so I had to. He was fine; just sleeping away under there and when I reached for him he crawled in even further. I finally had to just let him take his nap while Dora bellowed in agony because she had no idea where he could be.

Josh and Lindsay are motivated to try and get some bee hives started this spring; I just hope I can still get an order in for the bees since a lot of places have cut off ordering for this year.

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