Saturday, December 03, 2011

Time Flies

Looking through old posts and old pictures makes me realize how quick time passes, especially when you have a youngster. I started this site when Lindsay and I got engaged which was almost 6 years ago. I've randomly spread pictures of my boy on here throughout the years and looking at some of the pictures really makes me think. I can hardly believe this little boy was a 'wee bairn' not long ago.

A few days ago I took him on his first hunting expedition with me; we were hunting squirrels. We didn't see a one. We did spook up a deer though. I sighted on it but it was out of range for my shotgun. Finn did really well for a 4 year old on his first hunting trip through the woods. I figured at best we get some squirrels for Squirrel & Dumplings like Grandma used to make, and at worst we'd just have us a nice walk through the woods. Finn found a walking stick or two and kept telling me how he was enjoying our "hunting adventure." Mom was none too thrilled when we told her about it though...

Thanksgiving was nice, and we got the chance to dress Finn up as a pilgrim for his "Thanksgiving Feast" at preschool. He was one of only a few pilgrims versus a whole bunch of indians (the costumes were easier to come by I think). Today he came in and asked me if Indians had computers when the pilgrims came to visit. He had a hard time grasping that computers (as we know them) had only been around for a short time in the big scheme of things.

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