Sunday, December 04, 2011

Goat Ownership

Since I have changed some things here on the blog I have been reading a lot of our older posts. It seems that it will be 3 years in April since we first got goats here at Crowsonshire (the 'shire). Of those initial 6 goats we have 2 left. One we butchered. One died of scours or something. Two died resulting from wounds sustained from dog attacks. The two we have left are Guthrie & Geraldine. We also have the son of Buttercup and Joey who is currently rivaling his old man for most annoying buck in rut; he was subsequently named Butternuts.

Last year at the tax office the lady told me that we had to start selling some goats or we couldn't classify ourselves as a farm. I don't mind doing that except for the fact that it seems all my profits seem to die. This past summer we had 3 bucklings get sick and die before I could get them healthy again. A fourth one got sick but I was able to bring him out of it with wormers and a homemade drench I made (which also helped Guthrie and Jitterbug when they had the scours and were doing poorly). The sad thing (other than them dying) was that I had just listed them for sale a couple weeks before on craigslist and turned a guy down for lowballing me. Might have been better to have gotten something rather than nothing huh?

My drench formulawarm water, molasses, salt, and sugar. If they have scours I add baking soda to it as well. Mix it up in a mason jar by shaking it, and then use a big syringe without a needle on it, or a drench gun and give them a good number of doses of it a few times a day. Not very scientific, but it seemed to work at getting them back on their feet when they had no energy at all.

I use Ivermectin as my wormer most of the time since Safeguard doesn't seem to do anything. I give about 3/4 of a dose orally and about half to a full dose SQ (in shot form). This might be too much, but the bottle specifically says do not under dose...

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