Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Updates to our Website

Finn & Wicket Chillin' on the Porch.
As you may have noticed I have updated our design and name. The name as I describe on the right of the page, is one that I have been searching for for some time. I do feel it encompasses much of what we want this place we are carving out to feel like.

You'll notice on the left we've included likenesses of all our current animal companions more or less. If we add some more I'll try to fit them in as well.

I do find that writing blog entries is a good way to motivate myself to do more to attain my overall homesteading goals. It adds a sense of accountability however minor.

We have added Lindsay's account to our roster as well so I am going to force her to post some things to our page to get her point of view involved in our farm reporting.

I will try and keep the sports talk to a minimum since it is somewhat off topic, but you can expect some Auburn references on occasion.

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