Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Muzzleloading for Deer

It is always good to know that in lean times you can provide some meat for the table with the old boom stick. I was determined to get a deer this year and managed to get one on my second day hunting using a muzzleloader, which is the first time I've been able to harvest with it. I stalk hunt. No tree-stand; I am a big guy, afraid of heights, and not terribly agile, so I decided long ago ground hunting was the way for me to go.

C.V.A. Bobcat Percussion Cap Muzzleloader Rifle

This was definitely the closest I've ever been to a deer when hunting. I used some stalking tips I had read just before going into the woods and tried them out. Seemed to work alright I suppose. I looped around and then positioned myself in the center of a game trail and stood there for 3 hours or so. Watching all sides I waited and waited until right after the sun dropped behind the trees across the adjacent field. A noise behind me brought me around to see the ears of a doe twitching above the tall grass in the edge of the field I was close to. The game trail was about 10-15 yards inside the edge of the woods off our overgrown field. I turned myself around and raised my gun and crossed my fingers that the deer come on in the woods instead of turning and going the other way. It was on the far side of a big cedar from me and started making its way into the woods and crossed the trail walking. Hoping the click of my hammer coming back didn't alert it, I aimed fast and shot without hesitation. The smoothness of my actions surprised me actually. The first time I took aim on a deer I got the jitters and had to calm myself before making the shot (which was a kill by the way). This time I pulled the trigger and down she went. I shot high and hit her in the spine. I walked close and put her down with my .22 pistol.

Times are lean and we needed this deer, and I asked the universe to enable me while I hunted. Either something was listening, I was lucky, or the stalking tips paid off, or maybe a combination of the three, but this winter we'll be having venison here at Crowsonshire.


  1. Great post! Sounds like you also have a respect for the animal and it's not just a sport for you;)

  2. Thanks Mrs D. I try not to do anything for sport that requires killing things (except fly swatting). Glad to have you aboard!


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