Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Work

I've been working on shaping up our garden and yard lately. Just getting started on the garden planting (I know I'm late again). I've got the goslings in the poultry tractor I made last year, and they're doing pretty good in it for now. So far we have 5 goslings and 5 chicks that have been hatched out by their parents, and immediately broodered by me. Four out of five of the chicks at least appear to be from the Dominique hen we have, so that is good.

As you can tell Finn has decorated the side of the poultry ark with some toys. These are just some of the toys that he likes to take outside to "throw."

Also been working on cleaning up my garage and getting it back into working order. I've built and installed a huge lumber rack that raises all the extra lumber pieces up overhead and out of the way. Also putting in a shelf up at the top of the wall in the garage to try and further restore some order to the clutter.

The clothesline has been installed, but might have made it too long; I think I may have to put a support in the middle...

More to come.

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