Sunday, April 03, 2011

Strawberry was a disappointment...

Well the strawberry ice cream didn't go as well as the first batch we made the other night. I think the acid in the strawberries affected the texture of the mixture. Next time I'll add the strawberry mixture after I heat it up and it is cooled down. It turned out slightly gritty, and froze harder than the other batch.

Josh and I "cleaned out" the goat stalls this afternoon. There is only so much cleaning out that can be done when it comes to manure. We both agreed that next time we'll get to that job a little sooner. We put it off too long this time and our olfactory senses did not thank us...

On a goat note, I think our oldest ND Doe is pregnant and progressing along. She isn't bagging up yet, but man she is getting big. It has probably barely been 5-6 months since she had her last one, so I guess that time I caught Mr. Goat in the stall with her could have been bad... I seriously don't know how he jumped in there, but he did.

Thinking about processing all the chickens that are fit and ordering a new batch. Ever since my Ameraucanas got killed by raccoons I have not been in a chicken tending mood. And these that I have now aren't trained to the nest boxes well.

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