Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goat Milk Ice Cream

Tonight we made our first batch of homemade goat milk ice cream: Walnut & Cinnamon flavored. Man it was good. It took about a day and a half to accumulate the milk for this batch, since we are only milking one doe once a day right now. Next batch will probably be strawberry for Finn (they are his favorite, always have been).

I have been using the maggiedan milker and it works pretty well on the smaller-teated nigerian doe I am milking. I couldn't ever get it to work good on our larger doe, but I may have needed to use a larger attachment.

We made a little pat of goat cheese with the first bit we got. It was alright, but we need to get some rennet. We just did the simple vinegar cheese to start with.

I drank some of the chilled milk the other day unprocessed. I was honestly surprised. It tasted exactly like 2% cow milk from the store. I even tasted some of the whey/buttermilk after we made cheese. It tasted watery and slightly of vinegar, but otherwise drinkable I suppose. Lindsay actually made some cornbread out of it. And then with the left over cornbread made some salmon patties which were great.

Now if I can just get our poultry situated in a new confined area, and make a separate area for the does to be fenced in we'll be rocking. Don't forget the garden needs starting either. So much to do...

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