Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Updates

Well about 90% of the garden went the way of the dodo; all we have left are some pepper plants and the sweet potatoes that are still in there. The dogs went to find new homes after some shenanigans involving the neighbors' chickens. Daisy actually comes around some now that the puppies are gone. I think they were worrying her to death. She doesn't bother any poultry or animals that I have noticed, so at least that is good.

Not too much new going on around here. We replaced a section of fencing the goats were escaping through. Now there is only one goat that escapes: Tolstoy. He has found that he can pretty much clear any of the fence that he want to jump over. I think we will be celebrating the coming of fall with some barbecue billy goat this year.

I am getting ready to order a udderly e-z milker I think. This should help me actually get the milk from even our little titted goats this year. They are kind of expensive, but the people that use them swear by them...

Thanks for stopping by San Diego... And stay classy....


  1. Hey jason! The same is happening around here as your place, I know how ya feel. Before you spend that huge amount on the ez milker, check out maggidans milker at maggidans.com

  2. I loved my ez milker and wore it out. Now am only milking one goat so its not hard.


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