Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well the geese have decided that the entire place is their new home I believe. They like pooping on the back steps, the driveway, and everywhere in between. But I do like having them running around.

No need to worry about the rooster issues... Rocketship (one of the remaining two puppies, named by Finn) got carried away and mauled both of them beyond reprieve. She is now on a chain and still looking for a home. The roosters have moved on ... It was not pretty. Needless to say Rocketship is on the thinnest of ice and the shortest of chain.

The goats have ravaged my budding orchard led by Tolstoy (who has figured out he can jump over the fence). I might have two fruit trees that will live if I am lucky.

The garden is sucking again... I am gaining some perspective this summer on what farm aspects I want to focus on in the future. There are certain garden items that we use the heck out of, and others that just go to waste. I think in the future I am really going to concentrate on what we really really like instead of trying to grow some of everything.

In a few weeks it will have been exactly 10 years since I graduated from college. It makes you feel old to think about that... (sigh)

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  1. I hear ya, man. :)

    Our dog was recently banished from the house after a string of badness. If he touches a chicken, we will part ways. Darn dogs.

    Sorry about the goat damage. I keep thinking about getting some, and keep pondering all the ways it could go badly. Maybe someday. I have enough mediocrity and failures to improve upon before introducing new ones. :)



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