Friday, June 25, 2010


Turns out it was the Dominique rooster that was/is the mean one. A few days ago it was about 100 degrees so I decided to let the roosters out since they had little shade and figured if they fought they fought. I left to go do some work and sure enough when I got home there was my old rooster dead in the woods of the goat pen. I thought their might have been a chance they would leave each other alone, or maybe just mess with each other for a bit and not have a deathmatch. I was wrong... Live and learn I guess.

I let the geese out and got them a kiddie swimming pool too. They don't get in it much, but they have some. Those suckers really like eating grass though. They stay in the garden and walk up and down the rows chomping on grass. I have only lost a couple of squash plants to them, but that was the first day I let them out and I don't think they realized how much grass was in my garden...

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  1. Hi Jason, just thought I would stop on by and say hello, and see what's new around your parts. Been busy around here too. We have had our share of rooster issues too in the past few years. You live and learn. Hope you have a wonderful 4th :)


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