Sunday, May 02, 2010

Beginning of May

We have been working on multiple things around here: getting the garden planted, getting a fence around said garden, trying to give away 6 puppies, trying to keep said puppies from destroying and defecating on everything, and the list goes on.

We have planted a bunch (7ish) of blueberry plants, and have a few blackberry plants that still need to go in the ground. We just harvested a couple of quarts of strawberries today from the little strawberry patch we put in next to the back porch. Most of them are already in my little boy's tummy. He loves them and devoured handfuls while Josh and I worked on the fence today.

Our neighbors (the homesteadish ones) that we met recently called me the other day and said they had hatched some chicks out and wanted to know if I still wanted them. They are either Black Giants or some cross between them and Buff Orpingtons. One has died but we still have a dozen.

I am pretty sure I have one, if not two, broody guinea hens setting eggs right now. So that will be interesting. We still have to process a half dozen or more birds and trade some for some hay. There are also plans for a couple of mobile guinea pens to be put into action pretty soon (upon construction that is). We let them out for a day and they mowed what onions we had growing in the garden down to ground level in about 10 minutes.

We are also working on a circular raised bed for Lindsay to use as her herb garden. I have to go buy some potting soil and stuff to top it off but I do think it will be nice to grow stuff in even if it isn't that pretty.

I have definitely been enjoying my time outside these days, and hope that we don't get drowned like last year. If anyone is interested in reading homesteading type blogs and such you should check out Life at Dogfight Cove. I have enjoyed reading it for a while now and looking at their pictures and such. Recently they had a tragedy befall them and it saddens many around the homesteading "blogosphere" so stop by and enjoy their tales and possibly mourn with them.

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