Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Update

We have a bunch more pictures to put up, but I haven't gotten around to it yet of course. Pictures include: goat kids, raptor, our trip to Oxford MS and Rowan Oak, and more...

Over the past few days of warmer weather we have been finding mice everywhere around the farm! Merlin has too, but I think he needs some help since he can't get them all. The tricky part is finding a mousing cat that will get along well with him and the chickens and guineas... I hate to say it, but we probably need an inside cat too. I do not like inside cats; mainly b/c of the litter box issue.

We planted some baby trees and crepe myrtles yesterday as well as a couple of blueberry bushes too. I think my mom is going to be able to get me some more plants at wholesale prices too, so we will probably be planting a bunch more soon.

I had some money holed-up in my paypal account and I had already withdrew the max this month so I used part of it at Overstock and completed my Storey's Guide to... collection of books and order the entire series of The Good Life (Good Neighbors) on DVD. Been thinking about maybe a cow or two in the field and wanted to read up on them since I don't really know anything about them. We almost have a whole shelf of livestock guide books now so I feel like I have ample resource material to work with, which is always good.

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