Friday, March 05, 2010

More Kids

Buttercup finally had her kids last week. Two bucklings.

Since the last update a few different things have happened. Daisy had puppies. Chesney came back and killed/ate one of our roosters. We made the decision to take her to the animal shelter. She never adjusted to living here for some reason, and the way Jewel was killed makes me wonder when you compare the two corpses as well as the fact I had caught Chesney being rough with Jewel a few days earlier. Water under the bridge now...

Daisy had 11 puppies. One has died. Probably smothered. Since the goats started kidding and she started getting close to birth it seems that she has taken a more active roll in protecting and bonding with the goats. She helped all the mothers clean the babies and clean up the mess, and she has slept with the herd every night since they started too. We'll definitely be getting her fixed now; worst case I figured 6 or 7 puppies but jeez. So if you or anyone you know wants a puppy with some hybrid-vigor as they say, please let me know.

We'll be trying to find home for all of them except maybe 1 boy that shows the most promise as a protector. Not sure what the daddy(ies) are. Pretty sure there might be a boxer, a collie, and a lab in the mix... Irresponsible I know, but it does seem to have matured her and hopefully will turn her maternal skills towards the goat kids as well.

Bopeep had issues with the little black and white doeling for some reason. Maybe because I helped her clean it up right after birth, or possibly she didn't have enough milk for two starting out and had to pick. Either way she was not letting her nurse. I tried milking her but that went not that great. So we started putting her on the milking stand and letting the baby nurse there. It seems to have worked and is getting her used to the stand too. When it seemed the baby wasn't getting enough milk we put Geraldine up there and let her nurse on her in addition. She is fattening up good and it seems that Bopeep's milk has come in pretty good now and baby is getting plenty. I am still taking her a little bottle in the morning to make sure and keep her warmed up to us. I am going to keep making the does get up on the stand just for routine sake and to get them used to it even if I don't milk this time around. Geraldine is getting used to it after only a few days and tries to jump up on her own...

In keeping with some of the cartoons on Nick Jr. we decided to name two of the doelings Olivia (b&w) and Dora (Geraldine's kid) as well as named the little black clone of Bopeep: Jitterbug. We probably won't name the bucklings for obvious reasons...

Yesterday we had an interesting event happen as well; somehow we caught a raptor of some sort in the guinea pen. It was much smaller than the guineas, but pretty much looked like a hawk except smaller. Josh nabbed it and we got a few pictures before we set it free. It is not everyday that you catch a hawk I suppose.

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