Thursday, February 04, 2010

NSD, Free Ranging, and Other Poultry

The free-ranging of the chickens is going well so far. No deaths. No fights between barnyard factions. Just going much better than I expected *knock on wood. Goats are still pregnant and unhappy with being locked up overnight, but as we know it is for their own safety...

Been reading a few different homesteading sources and thinking about getting some Muscovies and geese. Any opinions there?

I have to say on a non-homesteading note, I am extremely happy with college football national signing day (yesterday). Auburn finished in the top 5 in all three main ranking systems (4, 4, 5). If we had landed Lattimore we probably would have jumped ahead of Bama, but apparently Spurrier did some kind of shuffle dance with Latt's mom on his recruiting visit which sealed the deal for South Carolina. But War Eagle for sure!


  1. Glad things are going well. I love the new banner at the top of your blog! Very nice.


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