Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kidding Season

Bopeep had 2 does around midnight last Friday night (Feb. 12th), and I just happened to notice the squealing kids when I was walking the dogs to put them up. I rushed out there and sure enough there was a kid that needed some help wiping itself off. We were out there for about an hour or more and about to go in and let them get settled in when Josh noticed something behind the feed bin. The little black doe had been huddled up behind it the whole time we were out there and we didn't notice it. I wiped it off and made sure they were both nursing before we turned in.

Geraldine had a single doe Sunday (Feb. 14th) around 4 in the afternoon I think. We were in Moulton looking at an old barn that I decided not to buy. When we pulled back in I looked out there and saw an unfamiliar little goat wobbling around...

I am pretty sure Joey is the father of all the babies, but I could be wrong. I know that is irresponsible animal husbandry, but we all make mistakes right? If he is the papa of all of them it makes things somewhat interesting. Of course he and bopeep are both full blooded Nigerians, and he can/is registered. Geraldine and Buttercup (still yet to kid) are both half Kiko and half Boer. So if Joey is the daddy of their babies then they would be half dairy and half meat goats. I wonder what milk production would be like from one of them? I guess I will find out in about a year right?

One of Bopeep's kids looks exactly like her in coloration. Can you guess which one? We are blessed to have gotten all three does so far. I just wonder what Jewel and Scraggles' kids would have turned out like... Wish Buttercup luck!


  1. Your little black and white baby looks so much like or baby Murry!They are all very cute!

  2. Sooo cute! Congrats on your healthy kids. Yay for does! You all had good luck.


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