Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scraggles the Goat

Well somethings end badly I suppose; a return visit to the vet for Scraggles would be a good example.

We tried rehabbing her legs everyday, making her get up and "walk" and use them. She got to the point where she wouldn't get up on her front legs, or maybe couldn't. We took her back to the vet. Upon examination it turned out that both of her back legs had become badly infected to the point that almost half of them were dead tissue. Seriously I lucked out of seeing it since Josh took her one afternoon before I got home, but he said while checking the extent of one infection site the vet pulled a chunk of flesh off exposing the bone. So after not even a year of residence here, and many treatments for various issues, Scraggles was laid to rest last week.

It makes me angry to be sure. Angry at the dog(s) that did this. Angry at our dogs for not stopping it. Angry at myself for not being there to stop it. I suppose that is what tending animals entails though. I suppose it is fair to say that canine lenience is drying up fast around here... No more Mr. Pellet Gun.

I don't want to hurt anything, but when helpless animals depend on me to protect them I'm not going to shy away. I'm installing an electric fence as soon as it is warm enough to feel my fingers if I stay outside for more than a few minutes. If that doesn't do the trick then I'll have to delve into a more violent approach.

Scraggles was a good goat. She improved leaps and bounds since coming here. In all honesty I probably should have never bought her because she wasn't in the best shape. I do think she had a pretty good life here after she got over the stress of moving, pinkeye, and having Guthrie (which all happened in the first month of her being here). I do appreciate her though; she taught us a lot:  the basics of goat midwifery, how to nurse a kid rejected by her dam, how to give a goat a shot, how to treat pinkeye, and more.

Thank you Scraggles, our first expectant nanny goat and a good teacher!

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  1. I'm sorry about Scraggles. Having animals can be very hard.


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